My main artistic focus for the past twelve months is self-portraiture combined with contemporary surrealism.

The images I create are a representation of certain concepts and ideas as opposed to being a faithful portrayal of me as a person.

I photograph myself as an anonymous character to tell the story, to share not only how I feel about myself, but also how I view the world around me...

l'm inspired by the ideas of life cycle, our connection to nature, personal transformation and re-birth.

Through my photography I explore problems of a modern society such as loneliness, rejection and self-esteem, our struggle to find ourselves in an often confusing reality, things that many people can relate to.

To create my photographs I use image compositing in Photoshop CC . It allows me to go beyond the limits of imagination in my creative process.


I normally blend a minimum of 3 pictures into a one, surreal image. I use Canon 5D markII to take main shots which only serve as a canvas because they are later modified in an editing process.


The final image almost never bears any resemblance  to its main components as I simply cut and paste an object from one picture on to another, blend different layers, change colours and add various textures.






© Maciej Jach Photography

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